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Metrics driven coaching

After all, a coaching conversation is more than just a “nice business chat”.

Coaching, in any shape or form, has not been molded into formal processes in most companies. Pinning down and consistently implementing standard coaching rituals? Regardless of the company’s market, that process is virtually non-existent.


And that’s a pity. Because effective coaching processes have been repeatedly proven to better performances and improve win rates. Of course, the strict implementation of such coaching processes requires discipline.

From preparation and conversation to aftercare and follow-up: a coaching conversation takes considerable time for both coachee and coach.

Data-driven coaching

If you wish to originate productive sales that can shed formal restrictions, you first need to implement formality. Use reliable baseline metrics and objective data to ground your coaching programs.

  • Use your data to set realistic but challenging individual goals and team goals. As a manager, set the example.

  • Use your data to define responsibilities and resources, and to set defined frameworks.

  • Use your data to structure your coaching process and your internal communication.

  • Use your data to encourage personal growth as well as numerical growth.

Start to coach

Ask yourself and your organization whether ‘coaching’ means the same to all of you. Do you adopt the same definitions? Do you agree on the subject matters?

Get together with your management team:

  • Consider how your coaching trajectory should impact your results.

    • Do you want to see more turnover, better margins, more satisfied customers?

  • Also, determine how much time coaching is allowed to take in the coach’s and coachee’s calendars.

    • Does the sales-driven principle of increasing sales time also apply to increasing coaching time?

  • Be thorough. If you want to excel in coaching, you need to complement adequate tools and processes with the proper skills. 

    • Are you there yet? 

Better results through established coaching curve

Are you there? Are you ready for better results, stemming from a formally implemented coaching curve?  

Do you also want to start to coach?

Let's explore how we can help you to go to the next step. 

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