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Metrics & KPI's

Metrics & KPIs that work for you

To measure is to know. Everybody knows that, right? But do you consistently follow that wisdom in your organization?

Have you ever asked yourself what you exactly want to know? And – even more importantly – what you want to do with that information?

Do you use your data for check-ups or as coaching tools? Or rather as methods to reassure or alarm you? Are your reports and dashboards actually actionable? Do they allow you to take immediate follow-up action? 

Did you notice that every previous sentence is a question?

That’s because it is time to question your metrics and key performance indicators, before adding more meaningless KPIs to your list.

Let’s get leading and lagging

At Markies, we are devotees of a balanced mix of leading and lagging KPIs that match your strategic ambition.

We already hear you thinking: "Leading? Lagging? What are those?"

Let’s clear that up:

A lagging indicator is a result-oriented indicator that provides insights after things have happened. They’re therefore historical in nature and react to something that occurred a short or a long time ago. In other words: this KPI is tracking and output-oriented. One example could be your company’s monthly sales figure.

A leading indicator closely follows the process and provides a (real-time) indication of a trend or deviation from the standard process. These process-oriented indicators immediately show if something is better, worse, or distinctively different than usual. And they do this months before it might be visible in your reporting. In other words: this KPI is steering and input-oriented. Examples could be your number of opportunities won or the evolution of your win ratio.

Are you ready to start following the right KPIs that are in line with your company’s strategic ambition? 


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