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All marketers are salespeople and all salespeople are marketers!

Digitalisation and automation are increasingly taking marketers to a level where they really belong, in the boardroom where the budgets are distributed.

That used to be different! Marketing costs money, doesn't it? And you can't sell without sales people...🙄

Fortunately, this is now really a thing of the past.

Marketing is logically taking the lead more and more in all facets of the "sales metier". Both in acquisition, cross- and upsell and retention.

A good understanding of how the customer buys and how you turn him or her into a loyal customer are essential in this respect. Also take into account giving the right "experience" and you're all set!

Or are you?

There is 1 essential condition: WORK TOGETHER!

Put those #egos in the fridge and make the difference for your prospects and customers TOGETHER.

The advantages?

✅More qualitative leads

✅Higher conversion from leads to opportunities

✅More qualitative opportunities

✅Better win rates

✅Satisfied customers who come back and become ambassadors of your brand.

💚And you can bet that you will soon get more budget to grow even harder 🚀

1st tip of the day @marketing & sales: switch jobs for one day with your colleague

2nd tip of the day: don't wait until tomorrow!

What is your opinion as experienced Marketing & Sales professionals?

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