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Free webinar: Smarketing: aligning sales and marketing

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Markies Digital Power lunch: Strategic and operational topics bundled in a series of webinars!

30 juni - Smarketing: aligning sales and marketing

Who is it for?

Everyone within Sales and Marketing & decision makers (director, CEO, business leader, etc.)

What to expect?

Few companies succeed in putting their customers first.

Yet this most often makes the difference.

Our customers are becoming ever more demanding. They expect a unique experience, information and communication via multiple channels and continuous availability. Every contact should be smooth and transparent.

In this webinar we talk about how you can ensure that

  • your organisation understands the buying process of your customers

  • your marketing and sales are attuned to the customer journey

  • your internal processes and tools are properly set up

Note: Our webinars are held in Dutch

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