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How difficult will sales be in the future?

👉 I think a lot of sales people have been thinking lately about the evolution of the sales metier.

We used to be the king or queen in a company, the quasi only voice of the customer who was connected to their own organisation.

Today, that picture looks somewhat different.

A much larger part of a company's organisation is in direct or indirect contact with prospects and customers. From marketing to customer success teams to even financial colleagues, operational people, IT,...

It is therefore necessary that everyone understands what role and responsibility you have in the purchasing process of a prospect or in the customer journey of an existing customer.

As a sales team, respond to this sufficiently. I see that too little today! I see a lot of sales people crawling into a victim role and that is not the intention 🆘!

Start from the enormous extra value that your colleagues can add by coming to support you during your prospecting process.

Trust their expertise and deploy them together!

And what's more, a potential customer expects the same from you and your company. A seamless experience that will turn her or him into an ambassador in no time.

➡️In my opinion, the future and success of sales people lies in #working together with colleagues to deliver a great experience to prospects and customers.

And working together is simple, just like sales is, according to Michael Humblet. You just have to make sure you're on time 🕒both not too early and not too late and who else but your own organisation can help you with that?

What tips do you have for getting sales people to work better with their colleagues from marketing, customer service & success, finance, operations?

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