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Side&Kick + Markies bring together the power of action and thought for SMEs

A fixed trajectory to accelerate your SME

Antwerp, 17 March 2022

The world does not stand still. More than ever, digital evolutions follow each other in rapid succession. From remote working to online marketing and the arrival of new digital sales channels. However, rapid change also brings with it a host of challenges. For example, how do I get my sales and marketing teams to work together? And do so on the same business objective? Or how do I ensure that my competitors do not gain ground in the digital arena? Everything is changing and you need to keep up. But which direction should you take? How can you grow faster?

"Customer expectations have evolved so rapidly over the past 24 months that SMEs and family businesses are gasping for breath and can't keep up. We guide them to get back on track with growth or to accelerate the existing growth" explains Kurt Ghijsbrecht, Co-founder of Markies.

Side&Kick + Markies are therefore joining forces to help SMEs to get their marketing and sales teams working together and to accelerate together. Together they offer a proven fixed trajectory in which your SME company is scrutinised on all levels and the course is (re)defined together. And, not unimportantly, they will also get to work for you in a defined period of time for a fixed investment per month.

"We do not believe in expensive consultancy, but in a pragmatic approach with measurable results. You can only make a real impact in the long term and help companies further when you take them by the hand, roll up your sleeves together and get to work. Because if you want to accelerate or change course, you have to do things differently", according to Yorick Vingerhoets & Sophie Makker, Founders of Side&Kick.

"With this approach, we want to accelerate together with the SME in a period of 6 months and provide measurable benchmarks. With this approach, we want to make companies accelerate in a short period of time by working with a team of experts up-to-speed. Actually, you could say that we fulfil the role of a Sales Manager, Marketing Manager and Change Manager in one. Just calculate what they bring to the table within 6 months, let alone what these people cost", says Hans Smellinckx of Markies.

Can your SME also use the necessary brainpower to accelerate in a short time in this competitive market? Take a look at

About Markies

When you really get people in a company working together, magical things happen. From this conviction, Hans Smellinckx and Kurt Ghijsbrecht founded Markies in the summer of 2021.

Helping SMEs and family businesses to grow by focusing on the talents present in the organisation has become their trademark. More information on

About Side&Kick

Yorick Vingerhoets & Sophie Makker recently launched Side&Kick, an innovative alternative for marketing freelancers and agencies. With the Marketing-as-a-Service formula, they offer B2B growth companies marketing support for one fixed amount per month. More information on

Contact details

Markies: Hans Smellinckx - 0478/883687 | Kurt Ghijsbrecht - +32 471 39 50 60

Side & Kick: Sophie Makker - +31 6 28929831 | Yorick Vingerhoets - +32 494/22.69.08

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