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Tara Reid joins the Markies team

It has happened!

We can finally share with you with great pride that Tara Reid is from now on associated with MARKIES.

Tara is a highly competent, hard-working, out-of-the box thinking marketing madam who also combines her passion for creativity with excellent communication and organisational skills. A real winner!

And you can tell that from the list of companies she has already worked for.

Flow Pilots was her most recent employer where she fully embraced a solid inbound marketing strategy with an eye for automation where appropriate (marketing automation tools hold no secrets for her).

In addition, and perhaps more importantly, there was a quick click from both sides that immediately created an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

People do business with people they trust, don't they?

At MARKIES, Tara will mainly focus on unburdening our clients around the various aspects of (S)marketing.

From strategy to execution, from content planning to distribution, from inbound marketing campaigns to bridging the gap with the other stakeholders in the buying and selling process.

She will be happy to spar with you about your 2023 plan! Send her a PM and the invite will arrive right away

PS: looking for some interesting tips & trics to kickstart 2023? Then check out our Academy page :

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