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Why marketing automation with e-mail marketing should be a priority.

As a marketing manager, you don't have it easy. There is always something that seems to take priority and cause you to lose focus. So it's tempting to engage in tasks that bring little or no added value, such as formatting a poster or flyer to boost your sales. But if you really want to make a difference and increase your sales without blowing up your own resources, it's time to re-energize.

One of the ways to make your marketing team and actions scalable is to bet on marketing automation. And one of the channels that is crucial to this is email marketing. Sound corny? Think again! If you read the following numbers, then as an entrepreneur you will know why email marketing should be a priority:

  • 69% of all shopping carts are not paid off, but email is the channel you can use to reduce this percentage.

  • Upselling existing customers is 68% cheaper than finding new ones. And how do you reach your existing customers? Through your website and, you guessed it, email marketing!

And the great thing is, you can automate this. By using smart automations, you can increase your sales directly without blowing your budget. And if your target audience is under 25, you can even automate through Whatsapp!

At Markies, we do this every day for our clients. We build automations in Hubspot, SalesForce Marketing Cloud, Active Campaign, Flexmail or any other platform. Why? Because when you automate, you have time to build fun campaigns and test new ways of working. And that's much more fun than constantly chasing your own tail!

Want to know how we do this? Give us a call and we'll schedule a short call or stop by.

We would love to help you!

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